Lumiera  0.pre.03
actions.hpp File Reference

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Setup of global actions for the main menu.

The Actions helper defines the structure and contents of the workspace window main menu. The individual menu options are bound to functors (closures), which use a global UI context to access the target objects or invoke the signals.

the old Gtk::Action and Gtk::ActionGroup are planned to be deprecated. Recommendation is to rely on Gtk::Builder and Gtk::SimpleAction instead. As of 5/2017, it is not clear to what extent this might force us into additional "desktop integration" we do not need nor want (like automatically connecting to D-Bus). For that reason, we'll postpone this transition for the time being /////////////////////TICKET #1068
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Definition in file actions.hpp.


class  Actions
 A helper class which registers global user actions and populates the main menu and toolbar. More...


 Lumiera GTK UI implementation root.
 Backbone of the Lumiera GTK UI.