The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux
January 10 2010

NoBug version 201001.1 has just been released. This new versions, with lots of improvements (also the support for non-Linux systems) is now a requirement for Lumiera. On the release there are still some pending bugs meant to be shot down in the next few days (just now the testsuite fails).

CALL FOR TESTERS - We are looking for people using MacOS, BSD, OpenSolaris or any other variant of a Unix-ish OS (Posix systems for Windows, Cygwin, SFU, …) available for a short test session over IRC. Volunteers, install gcc, git, valgrind (if supported) and contact cehteh at #lumiera on Freenode.

December 26 2009

The Winter Quarterly News are out!

December 12 2009

You probably haven’t noticed that, but a lot of work has been done to improve this website. In fact the development of uWiki has proceeded as far as making this self extensible minimalistic wiki engine actually working, today for the first time. After a time for testing and debugging it will eventually be set up for the Lumiera website. You can have a look at it, but be aware that currently new users are not automatically allowed to edit.

September 5 2009

The page about our FrOSCon appearance is now online, still a bit prelimary we work on it.

September 4 2009

A new release of NoBug, our debugging library is out. Lumiera needs this new version from now on. We are on the track for a production release really soon. Some help for testing and improving the documentation is still needed.

September 3 2009

Mario from LXDE talked with us at FrSOCon. This interview is now online at perspective89 and radiotux. Thanks to Mario and the radiotux team who made this happen.

August 22-23 2009

FrOSCon was a big success, a lot of people where interested in Lumiera! We will show videos, photos and stuff soon.

June 19-20 2009

The Lumiera community is in New York at the Open Video Conference. Tom gives a presentation about Lumiera and our goals. Awesome conference!