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ListDiffInterpreter< E > Class Template Referenceabstract

#include "lib/diff/list-diff.hpp"


template<typename E>
class lib::diff::ListDiffInterpreter< E >

Interpreter interface to define the operations ("verbs"), which describe differences or changes in a given list of data elements.

The meaning of the verbs is as follows:

  • ins prompts to insert the given argument element at the current processing position into the target sequence. This operation allows to inject new data
  • del requires to delete the next element at current position. For sake of verification, the element to be deleted is also included as argument (redundancy).
  • pick just accepts the next element at current position into the resulting altered sequence. The element is given redundantly.
  • find effect a re-ordering of the target list contents: it requires to search for the (next respective single occurrence of the) given element further down into the remainder of the list, to bring it forward and insert it as the next element.
  • skip processing hint, emitted at the position where an element previously extracted by a find verb happened to sit within the old order. This allows an optimising implementation to “fetch” a copy and just drop or skip the original, thereby avoiding to shift any other elements.

Definition at line 72 of file list-diff.hpp.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ListDiffInterpreter ()
 this is an interface More...
virtual void del (E const &e)=0
virtual void find (E const &e)=0
virtual void ins (E const &e)=0
virtual void pick (E const &e)=0
virtual void skip (E const &e)=0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~ListDiffInterpreter ( )

this is an interface

Definition at line 75 of file list-diff.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void ins ( E const &  e)
pure virtual
virtual void del ( E const &  e)
pure virtual
virtual void pick ( E const &  e)
pure virtual
virtual void find ( E const &  e)
pure virtual
virtual void skip ( E const &  e)
pure virtual
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