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proc::control::stage Namespace Reference


using Activation = function< Command &(ImplInstance &&)>
using ImplInstance = shared_ptr< CommandImpl >
 < helpers for building up a command definition More...


struct  BasicDefinition
struct  BuildUndoDefType
 type re-binding helper: create a suitable UndoDefinition type, based on the UndoSignature template instance given as parameter More...
struct  CompletedDefinition
struct  UndoDefinition

Typedef Documentation

◆ ImplInstance

< helpers for building up a command definition

Definition at line 100 of file command-def.hpp.

◆ Activation

using Activation = function<Command&(ImplInstance &&)>

Definition at line 101 of file command-def.hpp.

Class Documentation

◆ proc::control::stage::BuildUndoDefType

struct proc::control::stage::BuildUndoDefType
Class Members
typedef UndoDefinition
< typename OperateSig,
typename Memento >
+ Collaboration diagram for BuildUndoDefType< U_SIG >: