Lumiera  0.pre.03
gui::widget Namespace Reference


Lumiera custom widgets.


 namespace of timeline widget helper classes.


using MiniButton = MiniWrapper< Gtk::Button >
 A ToolButton-like widget. More...
using MiniToggleButton = MiniWrapper< Gtk::ToggleButton >
 A ToggleToolButton-like widget. More...


class  BinWidget
class  ButtonBar
 A modified toolbar widget for use in dialogs. More...
class  ErrorLogDisplay
 Widget to display log and error messages. More...
class  LabelWidget
class  MenuButton
 A button that displays a menu when clicked on. More...
class  MiniWrapper
 A wrapper for ToolButton-like Button widgets. More...
class  MixerWidget
class  PanelBar
 A container widget for widgets to be displayed on GDL panels grips. More...
class  PlayerWidget
class  SwitchboardWidget
class  TimeCode
 Widget for timecode input and display. More...
class  TimelineWidget
 Core timeline display (custom widget). More...
class  VideoDisplayWidget


const float framerate

Typedef Documentation

◆ MiniButton

using MiniButton = MiniWrapper<Gtk::Button>

A ToolButton-like widget.

Definition at line 82 of file mini-button.hpp.

◆ MiniToggleButton

using MiniToggleButton = MiniWrapper<Gtk::ToggleButton>

A ToggleToolButton-like widget.

Definition at line 85 of file mini-button.hpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ framerate

const float framerate

Definition at line 61 of file timecode-widget.cpp.

Referenced by lumiera_frame_duration(), and lumiera_framecount_to_time().