Lumiera  0.pre.03
gui::model Namespace Reference


The Lumiera GTK-GUI uses a thin proxy layer data model on top of the actual "high-level-model", which lives in the Proc-Layer below.

GUI operations interact with these proxy model entities, which in turn forward the calls to the actual objects in the Proc-Layer, through the Command system (which enables UNDO).


: as of 1/2011 this connection between the GUI proxy model and the Proc-Layer model needs to be set up. Currently, the GUI model entities are just created standalone and thus dysfunctional.

: as of 11/2015 this connection between UI and Proc-Layer is actually in the works, and it is clear by now that we won't use proxy objects, but rather a generic bus-like connection and symbolic IDs to designate the model elements

: and as of 2/2017 the new structure is basically set, but we need actually to implement a new timeline display in accordance to this reworked design. After this is done, most of the model elements in this packare are obsolete.




enum  ProbeMode { TEST_SESSION_1 }


class  Clip
class  ClipTrack
class  Controller
class  Diagnostics
 Basic (abstracted) view of... More...
class  ElementAccess
 Interface: access UI elements by navigating the UI topology. More...
class  Expander
 Functor component to support the default implementation of expanding/collapsing. More...
class  FlashDeco
 Decorator for a Gtk::Widget to add a visual flash action. More...
class  GroupTrack
 A class representation of a grouping of tracks. More...
class  ParentTrack
 ParentTrack is the abstract base class of all tracks that can parent children. More...
class  Project
class  Revealer
 Functor component to support the default implementation of revealing an UI-Element. More...
class  Sequence
 GUI-model representation of a sequence. More...
class  SessionFacade
 Basic (abstracted) view of... More...
class  Tangible
 Interface common to all UI elements of relevance for the Lumiera application. More...
class  Track
 The model representation of a track. More...
class  Widget
class  WLink
 Managed link to a sigc::trackable UI widget, without taking ownership. More...


template<typename... ARGS>
lib::diff::GenNode commandMessage (Symbol cmdID, ARGS &&... args)
 convenience shortcut to build a message suitable for command invocation More...

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◆ ProbeMode

enum ProbeMode

Definition at line 56 of file gui/model/diagnostics.hpp.

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◆ commandMessage()

lib::diff::GenNode gui::model::commandMessage ( Symbol  cmdID,
ARGS &&...  args 

convenience shortcut to build a message suitable for command invocation

args...sequence of arguments to be packaged into a lib::diff::Rec for invocation

Definition at line 249 of file tangible.hpp.

References Record< VAL >::TYPE_NIL_SYM.

Referenced by Tangible::invoke(), TestControl::Page1::Page1(), and TestControl::Page2::Page2().

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