Lumiera  0.pre.03
gui::idi Namespace Reference


generic definitions for element ID and access.

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using ErrorLogView = widget::ErrorLogDisplay
using ID = lib::idi::BareEntryID const &
using TimelineView = timeline::TimelineController


struct  Descriptor
 Generic Component View descriptors. More...
struct  Descriptor< ErrorLogView >
 Descriptor for error log display within the UI. More...
struct  Descriptor< test::DummyView >
struct  Descriptor< TimelineView >
 Descriptor for the Timeline UI. More...


template<class VIEW >
Descriptor< VIEW > & viewSpec ()
 Access point: Factory for "view specs". More...


AllocSpec< uint > limitAllocation

Typedef Documentation

◆ ID

using ID = lib::idi::BareEntryID const&

Definition at line 87 of file id-scheme.hpp.

◆ TimelineView

Definition at line 90 of file id-scheme.hpp.

◆ ErrorLogView

Definition at line 91 of file id-scheme.hpp.

Class Documentation

◆ gui::idi::Descriptor

struct gui::idi::Descriptor
+ Collaboration diagram for Descriptor< V >:

◆ gui::idi::Descriptor< ErrorLogView >

struct gui::idi::Descriptor< ErrorLogView >
Class Members
typedef ErrorLog Model
+ Collaboration diagram for Descriptor< ErrorLogView >:

◆ gui::idi::Descriptor< test::DummyView >

struct gui::idi::Descriptor< test::DummyView >
Class Members
ViewSpec locate
Allocator alloc
+ Collaboration diagram for Descriptor< test::DummyView >:

◆ gui::idi::Descriptor< TimelineView >

struct gui::idi::Descriptor< TimelineView >
Class Members
typedef Timeline Model
+ Collaboration diagram for Descriptor< TimelineView >:

Function Documentation

◆ viewSpec()

Descriptor<VIEW>& gui::idi::viewSpec ( )

Access point: Factory for "view specs".

These are (singleton) instances of idi::Descriptor<V>, and assumed to expose

  • a member viewSpec.locate, which solves for the actual view location within UI topology
  • a member viewSpec.alloc, which actually claims / allocates an existing or new view instance
    See also

Definition at line 283 of file view-spec-dsl.hpp.

Referenced by ViewLocator::get().

+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

Variable Documentation

◆ limitAllocation

AllocSpec< uint > limitAllocation