Lumiera  0.pre.03
backend::engine Namespace Reference




typedef lumiera_jobParameter const & JobParameter


struct  DummyJob
 Test helper: generate test dummy jobs with built-in diagnostics. More...
class  EngineConfig
 Point of access for any kind of engine configuration, setup and performance tweaks. More...
class  Job
 Individual frame rendering task, forwarding to a closure. More...
class  JobClosure
 Interface of the closure for frame rendering jobs. More...
class  SchedulerDiagnostics
 Render engine diagnostic facility. More...
class  SchedulerFrontend
 Access point to the scheduler service provided by the back-end. More...


HashVal hash_value (Job const &job)
 hash value based on all relevant job data. More...
bool operator!= (Job const &left, Job const &right)
bool operator== (Job const &left, Job const &right)

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◆ JobParameter

typedef lumiera_jobParameter const& JobParameter

Definition at line 198 of file job.h.

Function Documentation

◆ hash_value()

HashVal backend::engine::hash_value ( Job const &  job)

hash value based on all relevant job data.

provide a hash based Job ID

Job records hashing to the same value shall be considered equivalent. Since the interpretation of the InvocationInstanceID is a private detail of the JobClosure, calculating this hash requires a virtual call into the concrete JobClosure. This is not considered problematic, as the normal job operation and scheduling doesn't rely on the job's hash. Only some diagnostic facilities do.

Definition at line 131 of file job.cpp.

Referenced by SchedulerDiagnostics::is_scheduled_background(), SchedulerDiagnostics::is_scheduled_freewheeling(), SchedulerDiagnostics::is_scheduled_timebound(), and JobHash_test::verify_job_identity().

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◆ operator==()

bool backend::engine::operator== ( Job const &  left,
Job const &  right 

Definition at line 292 of file job.h.

References lib::meta::hash_value.

◆ operator!=()

bool backend::engine::operator!= ( Job const &  left,
Job const &  right 

Definition at line 298 of file job.h.

References lib::meta::hash_value, lumiera_job_failure(), lumiera_job_get_hash(), and lumiera_job_invoke().

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