Lumiera  0.pre.03
lib/time/diagnostics.hpp File Reference

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Extension to the lib::time::Time wrapper, adding output and further diagnostic aids.

This shouldn't be confused with formatting into distinctive Timecode formats. There is an elaborate framework for the latter: basically you'd need first to create a frame quantised time value (QuTime) – from there you can build various timecode representations.

To the contrary, the purpose of this header is to help with debugging, writing unit tests and similar diagnostic activities.

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Definition in file lib/time/diagnostics.hpp.

#include "lib/time/timevalue.hpp"
#include "lib/time.h"
#include <string>


int getHours (TimeValue const &t)
int getMillis (TimeValue t)
int getMins (TimeValue const &t)
int getSecs (TimeValue const &t)


 Implementation namespace for support and library code.