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SessionStructureMapping_test Class Reference


demonstrate the fundamental patterns to access the current session structure and contents from the GUI, and to receive a notification with the updated structure and contents.
  • since we focus on the mapping and enumeration mechanism, the explored content is faked diagnostic data
  • in reality, these operations are intended to be run from within the GUI event thread and immediately interwoven with GTK / Cairo display code
  • it is the responsibility of the "Gui Model" (#SessionFacade) to ensure a read barrier, so the retrieved data can not be corrupted by concurrent session mutation operations.
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void retrieveSessionStructure ()
virtual void run (Arg)

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◆ run()

virtual void run ( Arg  )

Definition at line 94 of file session-structure-mapping-test.cpp.

References SessionStructureMapping_test::retrieveSessionStructure(), and gui::model::TEST_SESSION_1.

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◆ retrieveSessionStructure()

void retrieveSessionStructure ( )
how to retrieve and enumerate session contents as operation initiated from GUI display code

Definition at line 105 of file session-structure-mapping-test.cpp.

References gui::model::test::LAUNCHER().

Referenced by SessionStructureMapping_test::run().

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