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ViewSpecDSL_test Class Reference


verify the mechanics of a functor based internal DSL to configure access and allocation patters for component views.
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Definition at line 97 of file view-spec-dsl-test.cpp.

Private Member Functions

virtual void run (Arg)
void verify_alternatives ()
void verify_basicProperties ()
void verify_genericInvocation ()
void verify_standardUsage ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ run()

virtual void run ( Arg  )

Definition at line 101 of file view-spec-dsl-test.cpp.

◆ verify_basicProperties()

void verify_basicProperties ( )

Definition at line 112 of file view-spec-dsl-test.cpp.

◆ verify_standardUsage()

void verify_standardUsage ( )

Definition at line 119 of file view-spec-dsl-test.cpp.

References UICoord::currentWindow(), gui::idi::limitAllocation, UICoord::Builder::panel(), Record< VAL >::Mutator::set(), and UICoord::tab().

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◆ verify_alternatives()

void verify_alternatives ( )

Definition at line 173 of file view-spec-dsl-test.cpp.

◆ verify_genericInvocation()

void verify_genericInvocation ( )
generic integrated access through ViewLocator This test demonstrates and verifies the way ViewLocator combines type based selection of the applicable DSL clauses, the invocation of those DSL definitions, the allocation of a suitable element and finally specifically typed access to this located or allocated element.
due to limitations of our unit test setup (GTK is prohibited), this component integration test can not be performed against the actual DSL definitions of the real UI, even while it uses the actual code from ViewLocator. Simply because we can not instantiate UI widgets in a unit test. We have to resort to mock UI elements and thus use a dummy "view type" together with faked DSL definitions for this dummy. These definitions are given in the test fixture above, right within this translation unit. (see namespace idi and the class MockView1).

Definition at line 193 of file view-spec-dsl-test.cpp.

References util::contains(), ViewLocator::get(), MockElm::getID(), LAUNCHER, Record< VAL >::Mutator::set(), and DependInject< SRV >::Local< MOC >::triggerCreate().

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