Lumiera  0.pre.03
calc-plan-continuation.hpp File Reference

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A specialised render job to care for the planning of the calculation process itself.

Rendering is seen as an open-ended, ongoing process, and thus the management and planning of the render process itself is performed chunk wise and embedded into the other rendering calculations. The _"rendering-as-it-is-planned-right-now"_ can be represented as a closure to the jobs, which perform and update this plan on the go. And in fact, the head of the calculation process, the CalcStream, holds onto such a closure to access current planning.

a draft created in 2013 and then stalled. This is not obsolete.

Definition in file calc-plan-continuation.hpp.


class  CalcPlanContinuation
 Special job to perform the job planning. More...


 Proc-Layer implementation namespace root.
 Render engine code as part of the Proc-Layer.