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_BoundFunctor< FUN, SRC >::FunDetector< F, disable_if< _Fun< F > > > Struct Template Reference

#include "lib/iter-tree-explorer.hpp"


template<class FUN, typename SRC>
template<typename F>
struct lib::iter_explorer::_BoundFunctor< FUN, SRC >::FunDetector< F, disable_if< _Fun< F > > >

handle a generic lambda, accepting a reference to the SRC iterator

Definition at line 478 of file iter-tree-explorer.hpp.

Public Types

using Arg = typename std::add_lvalue_reference< SRC >::type
using Ret = decltype(std::declval< F >()(std::declval< Arg >()))
using Sig = Ret(Arg)

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Arg

using Arg = typename std::add_lvalue_reference<SRC>::type

Definition at line 480 of file iter-tree-explorer.hpp.

◆ Ret

using Ret = decltype(std::declval<F>() (std::declval<Arg>()))

Definition at line 481 of file iter-tree-explorer.hpp.

◆ Sig

using Sig = Ret(Arg)

Definition at line 482 of file iter-tree-explorer.hpp.

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