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Build< TAR >::Wrapper< RAW > Struct Template Reference

#include "lib/multifact.hpp"


template<typename TAR>
template<typename RAW>
struct lib::factory::Build< TAR >::Wrapper< RAW >

Definition at line 140 of file multifact.hpp.

Public Types

using BareType = RAW
using RawType = RAW
using ResultType = TAR
using WrapFunc = std::function< ResultType(BareType)>

Public Member Functions

void defineFinalWrapper (WrapFunc &&fun)
template<class FUN , typename... ARGS>
ResultType wrap (FUN create, ARGS &&...args)

Private Attributes

WrapFunc wrapper_

Member Typedef Documentation

using RawType = RAW

Definition at line 142 of file multifact.hpp.

using BareType = RAW

Definition at line 143 of file multifact.hpp.

using ResultType = TAR

Definition at line 144 of file multifact.hpp.

using WrapFunc = std::function<ResultType(BareType)>

Definition at line 146 of file multifact.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void defineFinalWrapper ( WrapFunc &&  fun)

Definition at line 149 of file multifact.hpp.

References Build< TAR >::Wrapper< RAW >::wrapper_.

ResultType wrap ( FUN  create,
ARGS &&...  args 

Definition at line 156 of file multifact.hpp.

References Build< TAR >::Wrapper< RAW >::wrapper_.

Member Data Documentation

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