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TreeDiffLanguage Struct Reference

#include "lib/diff/tree-diff.hpp"


Definition at line 152 of file tree-diff.hpp.

Public Types

using Interpreter = TreeDiffInterpreter
- Public Types inherited from DiffLanguage< TreeDiffInterpreter, GenNode >
using DiffToken = std::tuple< DiffVerb, GenNode >
using DiffVerb = VerbToken< TreeDiffInterpreter, void(GenNodeconst &)>
using Interpreter = TreeDiffInterpreter

Public Member Functions

 DiffStep_CTOR (ins)
 DiffStep_CTOR (del)
 DiffStep_CTOR (pick)
 DiffStep_CTOR (find)
 DiffStep_CTOR (skip)
 DiffStep_CTOR (after)
 DiffStep_CTOR (set)
 DiffStep_CTOR (mut)
 DiffStep_CTOR (emu)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from DiffLanguage< TreeDiffInterpreter, GenNode >
static const DiffStep NIL
 fixed "invalid" marker token More...

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 155 of file tree-diff.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

DiffStep_CTOR ( ins  )
DiffStep_CTOR ( del  )
DiffStep_CTOR ( pick  )
DiffStep_CTOR ( find  )
DiffStep_CTOR ( skip  )
DiffStep_CTOR ( after  )
DiffStep_CTOR ( set  )
DiffStep_CTOR ( mut  )
DiffStep_CTOR ( emu  )
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