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GuiRunner Struct Reference


load and start the GUI as a plugin

Definition at line 59 of file guifacade.cpp.

Public Types

typedef InstanceHandle
< LUMIERA_INTERFACE_INAME(lumieraorg_Gui, 1)> 

Public Member Functions

 GuiRunner (Subsys::SigTerm terminationHandle)
bool launchUI (Subsys::SigTerm &terminationHandle)
 start the actual GUI thread(s), after successfully loading the GuiStarterPlugin, that is. More...

Public Attributes

GuiHandle theGUI_

Additional Inherited Members

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 NonCopyable ()=default
 NonCopyable (NonCopyable const &)=delete
 ~NonCopyable ()=default
NonCopyableoperator= (NonCopyable const &)=delete

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef InstanceHandle<LUMIERA_INTERFACE_INAME(lumieraorg_Gui, 1)> GuiHandle

Definition at line 62 of file guifacade.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GuiRunner ( Subsys::SigTerm  terminationHandle)

Definition at line 67 of file guifacade.cpp.

References GuiRunner::launchUI(), lumiera_error(), and lumiera_error_peek().

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Member Function Documentation

bool launchUI ( Subsys::SigTerm terminationHandle)

start the actual GUI thread(s), after successfully loading the GuiStarterPlugin, that is.

The implementation of this function must ensure to invoke the given termination signal reliably after shutting down the GUI, otherwise the application will hang on exit.

this function is invoked automatically during the GUI loading and startup process. Don't call it manually.

Definition at line 87 of file guifacade.cpp.

Referenced by GuiRunner::GuiRunner().

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Member Data Documentation

GuiHandle theGUI_

Definition at line 64 of file guifacade.cpp.

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