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proc::asset::meta Namespace Reference




using GridID = lib::idi::EntryID< TimeGrid >
using PGrid = lib::P< TimeGrid >


struct  Builder
 Building and configuring a meta asset. More...
struct  Builder< TimeGrid >
class  Descriptor
 Interface: the unspecific, reflective base of meta assets. More...
class  SimpleTimeGrid
 TimeGrid implementation: a trivial time grid, starting at a given point in time and using a constant grid spacing. More...
class  TimeGrid
 Interface: a grid and scale definition for time quantisation. More...

Typedef Documentation

using PGrid = lib::P<TimeGrid>

Definition at line 71 of file time-grid.hpp.

Definition at line 72 of file time-grid.hpp.

Class Documentation

struct proc::asset::meta::Builder
+ Collaboration diagram for Builder< MA >: