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lib::visitor::test2 Namespace Reference


typedef Visitable< HastalavistaChief
 another special kind of visitable More...
typedef visitor::Tool< void,
 defines another different visiting tool base More...
typedef visitor::Tool Tool


class  Babbler
class  BigBoss
class  Blatherer
 Hastalavista-Visiting-Tool tailored for the Chief hierarchy. More...
class  Boss
struct  Catched
 defines an catch-all-function instead of the silent default error handler More...
class  HomoSapiens
class  Leader
 now mixing the two hierarchies... More...
class  VerboseVisitor
class  Visionary
class  VisitingToolExtended_test


 LAUNCHER (VisitingToolExtended_test,"unit common")
 Register this test class... More...

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 43 of file visitingtool-extended-test.cpp.

defines another different visiting tool base

Definition at line 99 of file visitingtool-extended-test.cpp.

another special kind of visitable

Definition at line 100 of file visitingtool-extended-test.cpp.

Function Documentation

lib::visitor::test2::LAUNCHER ( VisitingToolExtended_test  ,
"unit common"   

Register this test class...