Lumiera  0.pre.03
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lib::iter_explorer Namespace Reference


template<class CON >
using const_iterator = typename meta::Strip< CON >::TypeReferred::const_iterator
template<class CON >
using iterator = typename meta::Strip< CON >::TypeReferred::iterator


struct  _BoundFunctor
struct  _is_iterator_of_iterators
 Metafunction to detect an iterator yielding an iterator sequence. More...
class  AutoExpander
struct  BaseAdapter
struct  BreadthFirst
struct  BreadthFirstEvaluationBuffer
 concrete strategy for recursive breadth-first evaluation. More...
struct  BreadthFirstEvaluationCombinator
 preconfigured IterExplorer "state core" resulting in breadth-first exhaustive evaluation More...
class  ChainedIteratorImpl
singleton  ChainedIters
 Special iterator configuration for combining / flattening the results of a sequence of iterators. More...
class  ChainedIters< ITI, enable_if< _is_iterator_of_iterators< ITI > > >
class  ChainedIters< SEQ, disable_if< _is_iterator_of_iterators< SEQ > > >
 Convenience specialisation: manage the sequence of iterators automatically. More...
class  ChildExpandableSource
 Interface to indicate and expose the ability for child expansion. More...
class  CombinedIteratorEvaluation
 Building block: evaluate and combine a sequence of iterators. More...
class  DefaultCombinator
 a generic "Combinator strategy" for IterExplorer. More...
struct  DepthFirst
struct  DepthFirstEvaluationBuffer
 concrete strategy for recursive depth-first evaluation. More...
struct  DepthFirstEvaluationCombinator
 preconfigured IterExplorer "state core" resulting in depth-first exhaustive evaluation More...
class  EvaluationBufferStrategy
 Strategy building block for recursive exhausting evaluation. More...
class  Expander
struct  ExploreByFunction
 Building block: just evaluate source elements. More...
class  Filter
class  IterableDecorator
 Decorate a state or logic core to treat it as Lumiera Forward Iterator. More...
class  IterSourceIter
 Adapt an IterSource to make it iterable. More...
class  PackagedTreeExplorerSource
class  RecursiveExhaustingEvaluation
 A "Combinator strategy" allowing to expand and evaluate a (functional) data structure successively and recursively. More...
class  RecursiveSelfIntegration
 IterExplorer "state core" for progressively expanding an initial result set. More...
class  ScheduledExpander
struct  StlRange
 Adapt STL compliant container. More...
struct  StlRange< const CON >
class  Transformer
struct  UnalteredPassThrough
 Support for a special use case: an Iterator of Iterators, joining results. More...
struct  UnalteredPassThrough< IT(IT)>
class  WrappedSequence
 Helper template to bootstrap a chain of IterExplorers. More...

Typedef Documentation

using iterator = typename meta::Strip<CON>::TypeReferred::iterator

Definition at line 138 of file iter-tree-explorer.hpp.

using const_iterator = typename meta::Strip<CON>::TypeReferred::const_iterator

Definition at line 140 of file iter-tree-explorer.hpp.

Class Documentation

struct lib::iter_explorer::_BoundFunctor
Class Members
typedef typename FunDetector
< FUN >::Sig
typedef typename _Fun< Sig >::Head Arg
typedef typename _Fun< Sig >::Ret Res
+ Collaboration diagram for _BoundFunctor< FUN, SRC >:
struct lib::iter_explorer::_is_iterator_of_iterators
Class Members
typedef value_type IteratorElementType
Class Members
+ Collaboration diagram for _is_iterator_of_iterators< IT >:
singleton lib::iter_explorer::ChainedIters
+ Collaboration diagram for ChainedIters< ITI, SEL >:
struct lib::iter_explorer::UnalteredPassThrough
+ Inheritance diagram for UnalteredPassThrough< SIG >:
+ Collaboration diagram for UnalteredPassThrough< SIG >: