Lumiera  0.pre.03
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gui::model Namespace Reference


The Lumiera GTK-GUI uses a thin proxy layer data model on top of the actual "high-level-model", which lives in the Proc-Layer below.

GUI operations interact with these proxy model entities, which in turn forward the calls to the actual objects in the Proc-Layer, through the Command system (which enables UNDO).


: as of 1/2011 this connection between the GUI proxy model and the Proc-Layer model needs to be set up. Currently, the GUI model entities are just created standalone and thus dysfunctional.

: as of 11/2015 this connection between UI and Proc-Layer is actually in the works, and it is clear by now that we won't use proxy objects, but rather a generic bus-like connection and symbolic IDs to designate the model elements

: and as of 2/2017 the new structure is basically set, but we need actually to implement a new timeline display in accordance to this reworked design. After this is done, most of the model elements in this packare are obsolete.




enum  ProbeMode { TEST_SESSION_1 }


class  Clip
class  ClipTrack
class  Controller
class  Diagnostics
 Basic (abstracted) view of... More...
class  Element
 Basic (abstracted) view of... More...
class  GroupTrack
 A class representation of a grouping of tracks. More...
class  ParentTrack
 ParentTrack is the abstract base class of all tracks that can parent children. More...
class  Project
class  Sequence
 GUI-model representation of a sequence. More...
class  SessionFacade
 Basic (abstracted) view of... More...
class  Tangible
 Interface common to all UI elements of relevance for the Lumiera application. More...
class  Track
 The model representation of a track. More...
class  Widget

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ProbeMode

Definition at line 56 of file gui/model/diagnostics.hpp.