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gui::idi Namespace Reference


generic definitions for element ID and access.

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using ErrorLogView = widget::ErrorLogWidget
using ID = lib::idi::BareEntryID const &
using TimelineView = timeline::TimelineController


struct  Descriptor
 Generic Component View descriptors. More...
struct  Descriptor< ErrorLogView >
 Descriptor for error log display within the UI. More...
struct  Descriptor< TimelineView >
 Descriptor for the Timeline UI. More...

Typedef Documentation

using ID = lib::idi::BareEntryID const&

Definition at line 81 of file id-scheme.hpp.

Definition at line 84 of file id-scheme.hpp.

Definition at line 85 of file id-scheme.hpp.

Class Documentation

struct gui::idi::Descriptor
+ Collaboration diagram for Descriptor< V >:
struct gui::idi::Descriptor< ErrorLogView >
+ Collaboration diagram for Descriptor< ErrorLogView >:
struct gui::idi::Descriptor< TimelineView >
Class Members
typedef Timeline Model
+ Collaboration diagram for Descriptor< TimelineView >: