Lumiera  0.pre.03
event-log.hpp File Reference

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Support for verifying the occurrence of events from unit tests.

Typically used within special rigging and instrumentation for tests, the [EventLog] allows to record invocations and similar events. It is implemented as a "PImpl" to allow sharing of logs, which helps to trace events from transient UI elements and from destructor code. The front-end used for access offers a query facility, so the test code may express some expected patterns of incidence and verify match or non-match.

Failure of match prints a detailed trace message to STDERR, in order to deliver a precise indication what part of the condition failed.

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Definition in file event-log.hpp.

#include "lib/error.hpp"
#include "lib/idi/entry-id.hpp"
#include "lib/iter-tree-explorer.hpp"
#include "lib/iter-cursor.hpp"
#include "lib/format-util.hpp"
#include "lib/format-cout.hpp"
#include "lib/diff/record.hpp"
#include "lib/symbol.hpp"
#include "lib/util.hpp"
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <regex>


class  EventLog
 Helper to log and verify the occurrence of events. More...
class  EventMatch


 Implementation namespace for support and library code.