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common.hpp File Reference

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Basic set of definitions and includes commonly used together.

Including common.hpp gives you a common set of elementary declarations widely used within the C++ code of the Proc-Layer. Besides that, this header is used to attach the doxygen documentation comments for all the primary Proc-Layer namespaces

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Definition in file common.hpp.

#include "lib/p.hpp"
#include "lib/util.hpp"
#include "lib/nocopy.hpp"
#include "lib/time/timevalue.hpp"
#include "lib/symbol.hpp"
#include "lib/error.hpp"


 Proc-Layer implementation namespace root.
 The asset subsystem of the Proc-Layer.
 Proc-Layer dispatcher, controller and administrative facilities.
 Render engine code as part of the Proc-Layer.
 Policies, definitions and tweaks to control the actual setup and behaviour of the render engine, and the way, render nodes are wired and instantiated.
 Media-Objects, edit operations and high-level session.
 Namespace of the Builder, transforming high-level into low-level.
 Namespace of Session and user visible high-level objects.
 Playback and rendering control subsystem.