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Display Class Referenceabstract

#include "include/display-facade.h"


Interface for outputting frames to an (already allocated) viewer or display.

The viewer is addressed by an "slot" handle, which the client receives from some other public interface. This reflects the fact that is's not up to the client to create an display or viewer; rather they are provided by some internal facility and the client code is handed out an display handle in the course of a larger interaction, like starting a player. This way, when the client code actually is about to produce output, he can allocate the slot and obtain a Displayer (functor) for pushing the frames out. (Users of the C Language Interface have to carry out these steps manually and also have to care for cleaning up and deallocating the slot).

This is a first draft version of a rather important interface. The current version as of 1/2009 just serves a mockup player implementation. You can expect this interface to change considerably if we get at devising the real player.
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Definition at line 86 of file display-facade.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Display ()
 this is an interface More...
virtual Sink getHandle (LumieraDisplaySlot)=0
 allocate an already existing display/viewer for output More...

Static Public Attributes

static lib::Depend< Displayfacade
 get an implementation instance of this service More...


class  Sink
 Functor for pushing frames to the display. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~Display ( )

this is an interface

emit the vtable here into this translation unit within

Definition at line 43 of file display-interface-proxy.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Sink getHandle ( LumieraDisplaySlot  )
pure virtual

allocate an already existing display/viewer for output

a functor representing the frame sink

Member Data Documentation

lib::Depend< Display > facade

get an implementation instance of this service

static storage for the facade access front-end

Definition at line 90 of file display-facade.h.

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