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LocatorSpec< depth > Class Template Reference

#include "gui/interact/view-spec-dsl.hpp"


template<size_t depth>
class gui::interact::LocatorSpec< depth >

A specification to describe the desired location of a component view within the Lumiera UI.

ViewSpec is basically a set of UI coordinates, with the additional possibility of specifying several alternatives, with the intention to pick the first applicable one.

Template Parameters
depththe level in the tree addressed by this locator
Locator is build from a DSL expression, which is basically a UICoord::Builder. This coordinate spec describes a sequence of several places where to locate the UI-Element in question. The template parameter clarifies if we're talking about windows here, or panels or views. The latter is the default case.

Definition at line 142 of file view-spec-dsl.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 LocatorSpec (LocationRule &&ruleToDetermineLocation)
 LocatorSpec (UICoord::Builder &&simpleLocationSpec)
 shortcut to allow initialisation from UI-Coordinate builder expression More...
 operator string () const

Private Attributes

LocationRule rules_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LocatorSpec ( LocationRule &&  ruleToDetermineLocation)

Definition at line 148 of file view-spec-dsl.hpp.

LocatorSpec ( UICoord::Builder &&  simpleLocationSpec)

shortcut to allow initialisation from UI-Coordinate builder expression

Definition at line 158 of file view-spec-dsl.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

operator string ( ) const

Definition at line 165 of file view-spec-dsl.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

LocationRule rules_

Definition at line 145 of file view-spec-dsl.hpp.

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