• src/nobug_env.c:221 ringbuffer (size=) is not parsed correctly


  • src/nobug.h:1084 disable coverag-fault injection when not logged if (NOBUG_EXPECT_FALSE(NOBUG_COVERAGE_LEVEL ⇐ flag→limits[NOBUG_TARGET_???]))

  • src/nobug.h:2359 NOBUG_ONCE should not use volatile but do proper locking when writing to the once-flag (getting barriers right but has a non dangerous race when reading)

  • src/nobug_env.c:45 env parsing: not all (options) on targets are not yet implemented

  • src/nobug_env.c:172 testcases for env parsing document env parsing in source (for each option)

  • src/nobug_env.c:368 what is needed for NOBUG_TARGET_APPLICATION? maybe a template?


  • src/nobug.h:2693 maybe optimize the lists in nobug_resource_node to single linked lists

  • src/nobug.c:195 really popping last char from ringbuffer

  • src/nobug_env.c:122 more generic flag parsing =yes =no =true =false =1 =0

  • src/nobug_env.c:171 simplify the env parser

  • src/nobug_resources.c:236 better lookup method for resource_registry than list search (psplay?)

  • src/nobug_resources.c:425 diagram for illustating the resourcecollector

  • src/nobug_resources.c:743 llist_ufind in nobug_resource.c could be optimized out after we create a node once, all following nodes need to be created too

  • src/nobug_thread.c:24 make nobug signal safe, at least the ringbuffers

    • must use semaphores instead mutexes

    • must disable signals which are hooked while logging otherwise it would deadlock (recursive lock)

    • configureable pshared, when forking, then the ringbuffers (and counter) stay shared

    • no FILE logging from signals

    • user has to establish signal handler, nobug only provides them

  • src/nobug_coverage.c:95 use mpool for coverage records, easier destroying